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'The Babysitter' director McG teases trilogy plans for Netflix horror series

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The Babysitter director McG has revealed that he has planned the horror film series as a trilogy.

Netflix dropped sequel The Babysitter: Killer Queen over the weekend, which itself comes three years after the hit first film was released.

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McG has now explained in a new interview that there are “three beats to this story”, expressing hope that another sequel will be made if fans like Killer Queen enough.

“There’s the first beat, which is an adolescent Cole, who is having these strange feelings about the babysitter,” he said on The Boo Crew podcast. “But naturally it’s not appropriate for him to realize those feelings with a grown woman. In the second film he’s in an age where he can experience love… and we could explore that.

The Babysitter Killer Queen
‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ is out now on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

“I don’t want to talk about the third beat of the Cole arc,” he added. “But should the audience like this movie, we’re ready to do the third one. Let’s see if people like this one.”

The Babysitter follows a pre-teen called Cole (Lewis), who makes a discovery about his babysitter that sets off a series of horrific events. The sequel, meanwhile, picks-up with Cole as a high school junior.

While Killer Queen hasn’t been as warmly received by critics on the whole as its predecessor, holding a 38% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a higher audience score of 78%, suggesting a sequel could happen.

In NME‘s four-star review of Killer Queen, we wrote: “Surprisingly, the sequel is even better. Armed with a clever narrative that gives the whole series a newfound emotional weight, Killer Queen is a more solid effort than before, but still manages to have plenty of fun.”

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