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'Saved By The Bell' star Mario Lopez plays "sexy" Colonel Sanders in KFC movie

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Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez has been cast as KFC founder Colonel Sanders in a new film.

The actor, who played A.C Slater in the hit ’90s comedy, stars as businessman Harland Sanders in A Recipe for Seduction, an original film for Lifetime.

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Lifetime shared the news via their social channels on Monday (December 7), alongside a trailer for the film. Check it out here:

A synopsis for A Recipe for Seduction reads: “As the holidays draw near, a young heiress contends with the affections of a suitor handpicked by her mother. When the handsome chef, Harland Sanders, arrives with his secret fried chicken recipe and a dream, he sets in motion a series of events that unravels the mother’s devious plans.

“Will our plucky heiress escape to her wintry happily ever after with Harland at her side, or will she cave to the demands of family and duty?”

In a statement regarding the film, KFC promised fans “mystery, suspense, deception, ‘fowl’ play and—at the heart of it all—love and fried chicken”.

One Twitter user commented on the unlikely premise of the 15-minute film, writing: “Who had ‘KFC-themed rom-com starring Mario Lopez as sexy Colonel Sanders’ on their 2020 bingo card?”

Elsewhere, a Saved By the Bell reboot was released on US streaming platform Peacock last month (November 25), starring Lopez alongside many other original stars as well as newcomers.

There is not yet a UK release date for the revival, stay tuned for more updates as they come in.

Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle on the original US sitcom that aired from 1989-1993, has said she felt “slighted and hurt” not be included in the revival.

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