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Samuel L. Jackson is Hollywood’s most profitable actor, new study finds

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Samuel L. Jackson is the most profitable actor in Hollywood, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by TicketSource, accumulated the lifetime movie revenue at the US domestic box office of the biggest Hollywood actors of the past 25 years to work out the most profitable.

With a total of $5.7billion from 63 movies in total, Jackson is pinned as the most profitable actor in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr. is in second place with 5.4billion from 43 movies, followed by Scarlett Johansson with 5.2billion from 32 movies.

Others in the top ten include Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Harrison Ford, Chris Evans, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth and Zoe Saldana. You can check out the full list here.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Credit: Getty

In terms of the highest average revenue for their movies, Leonardo DiCaprio tops the list with $97.5million at the box office for each of his films. Angela Bassett is placed second with an average of $97.1 million, followed by Jim Carrey at $96.4million.

Last month, Jackson criticised the Oscars for its handling of the death of actor Sidney Poitier, believing he deserved “a whole section”.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times about the In Memoriam tribute at the ceremony, Jackson said: “I’m still a little ticked that the greatest actor we had in Hollywood died and they gave him, what, 10 fucking seconds. No. It should have been a whole Sidney Poitier section.

“The reason Will Packer is producing this show is because of this guy. The reason Will Smith won an Oscar is because of this guy. The reason for Denzel [Washington], the reason for me, the reason for Danny [Glover], the reason for everybody is that guy, and he deserves more than 10 fucking seconds of your time, especially for what he meant, not just to us, but to Hollywood – period.”

At the ceremony in March, Jackson reunited with his Pulp Fiction co-stars Uma Thurman and John Travolta to mark the 28th anniversary of the film’s release.

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