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Rose McGowan tweets that Oprah Winfrey is as ‘fake as they come’

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Rose McGowan has taken aim at Oprah Winfrey on social media over the popular talk show host’s former friendship with Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan, who was integral to the early formation of the #MeToo movement and accused influential Hollywood producer Weinstein of rape, took to Twitter to share a 2014 photo of Winfrey kissing Weinstein on the cheek.

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“I am glad more are seeing the ugly truth of Oprah. I wish she were real, but she isn’t,” McGowan tweeted.

“From being pals with Weinstein to abandoning & destroying Russell Simmon’s victims, she is about supporting a sick power structure for personal gain, she is as fake as they come.”

Questions were raised when Winfrey stepped down from her role as executive producer on #MeToo documentary on music mogul Russell Simmons, On The Record.

She said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter in 2020: “I want it to be known that I unequivocally believe and support the women. Their stories deserve to be told and heard.”

McGowan’s comments are believed to come out after a video of Winfrey interviewing Dolly Parton recently surfaced on social media.

The recorded interview has been criticised by followers who believe that Winfrey’s questions unfairly targeted Parton.

“You’ve been open that you’ve had some work done, some tucks and pulls and sucks,” Winfrey said in the interview.

“Yes I have and I’ll have some more when I need them,” replied Parton.

In July, McGowan spoke out about the “shocking” accusations of abuse and harassment made against Noel Clarke, questioning whether there may have been other victims who have not yet come forward.

Speaking to The Guardian in a new interview published today (July 4), McGowan was asked if she had followed the allegations made against Clarke in April this year by over 20 women. “I did, yes. And they were a bit shocking,” she said. “The thing is, for every one of those women, how many didn’t come forward? And did people know, and just were like, ‘This is how it is’?”


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