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Robin Williams' children share tributes on eighth anniversary of his death

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Robin Williams’ children have taken to social media to mark the eighth anniversary of the beloved actor’s death.

Williams died by suicide at the age of 63 in 2014. He has two children, Zak and Zelda.

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“Dad, on the eighth anniversary of your passing, I’m remembering how incredibly kind and joyful you were,” Zak wrote on Twitter. “I deeply miss you, you wonderful, hairy man and will be celebrating your life today.”

Zelda posted a quote by Haruki Murakami to mark her father’s passing, and shared a number of links to suicide prevention hotlines around the world.”And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive, you won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over,” Zelda posted on social media.

“But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. – Haruki Murakami.”

Last year, Zak took to social media to discuss his father’s legacy on the seventh anniversary of the death of Robin Williams.

“Dad, seven years ago today you passed on,” Zak wrote. “The joy and inspiration you brought to the world carries on in your legacy and in your family, friends, and fans you so loved.

“You lived to bring laughter and to help others. I will be celebrating your memory today. Love you forever.”

After the actor’s death, it was revealed that he had unknowingly suffered a rare form of progressive dementia that impacts thought and reasoning, after being misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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