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Quentin Tarantino planned a Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction crossover movie

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Actor Michael Madsen has said that Quentin Tarantino had planned to make a crossover movie between Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

Madsen, who plays Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, spoke of his character’s relationship with John Travolta’s Pulp Fiction character Vincent Vega – brother to Mr. Blonde, whose real name is Vic Vega.

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Madsen explained Tarantino’s idea for the film, which would have been a prequel released in the 1990s as both characters die in their respective films.

“The picture was going to start out with the two of us being released from prison in different states,” said Madsen, “And we open up a club in Amsterdam.”

Pulp Fiction begins with Vincent coming to Los Angeles after spending time in Amsterdam, which would correlate with the prequel story.

Madsen also explained that he and Travolta might have been “too old” but that Tarantino also had an idea to cast younger actors to tell a related story.

“He had come up with this idea that it would be the twin brothers of Vic and Vincent, who met after the deaths of their siblings,” the actor said. “It was very complicated, but when Quentin starts discussing an idea, it’s very easy to go along with it.”

Madsen then worked with Quentin Tarantino in several other films by he director, including Kill Bill, The Hateful Eight and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Read NME‘s five-star review here.

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