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'Karen' meme inspires new film starring Taryn Manning

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The ‘Karen’ meme has reportedly inspired a new film that will focus on a character called Karen, played by Orange is the New Black star Taryn Manning.

The viral meme has been used as a byword on social media sites such as Twitter and TikTok for a type of privileged, middle-class, white woman with a ‘speak to the manager’ attitude, and also has connotations with racist micro-aggressions and anti-vaccination beliefs.

It has now inspired an apparent new film about a racist and entitled white woman in the southern United States called Karen White, according to TMZ, who terrorises her new African American neighbours.

The film will apparently see her make it her mission to oust her neighbours, who are Black Lives Matter supporters.

Orange is the New Black Pennsatucky
‘Orange is the New Black’ Pennsatucky. Credit: Netflix

Manning, who played the role of Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett in Orange is the New Black, looks set to play the titular role in the movie, to be written and directed by Coke Daniels (His, Hers & the Truth).

Orange is the New Black ended last year after seven seasons on Netflix, with fans saying goodbye to some of their favourite characters.

Meanwhile, the show’s creator Tara Herrmann revealed last year that she regretted killing off Tricia Miller in the very first season.

“I mean of course we were sad in season one, with the character of Tricia. We had written that character, we knew what her end was going to be, and then when we cast [Madeleine Brewer] and worked with her and the character developed, we did have a hard time moving forward with what was her inevitable ending,” Herrmann said.

“But those are the stories that resonate, because you love them, and you’re rooting for them. They’re all really hard, but I don’t regret them, because of the stories we were able to tell through them.”

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