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Johnny Depp once gave Kate Moss a diamond necklace he pulled “out the crack of his arse”

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Kate Moss has revealed she was once gifted a diamond necklace by Johnny Depp that he’d pulled “out the crack of his arse”.

The model, who was in a relationship with Depp between 1994 and 1998, recalled the memory in a video on British Vogue looking back at her classic looks over the past 30 years.

Looking at an outfit from 1995, which paired a John Galliano dress with a diamond necklace, Moss said: “That diamond necklace Johnny gave me. They were the first diamonds I ever owned. He pulled them out the crack of his arse.”

She added: “We were going out for dinner and he said, ‘I’ve got something in my bum, can you have a look?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ I put my hand down his trousers and pulled out a diamond necklace. That diamond necklace.”

Earlier this year, Moss testified in the defamation trial between Depp and Amber Heard, where she denied a claim, made by Heard, that Depp had pushed Moss down the stairs in the ‘90s.

Explaining why she testified during an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Moss said: “I know the truth about Johnny. I know he never kicked me down the stairs. I had to say the truth.”

The jury in the trial ruled in favour of Depp, who was awarded $10million (£8million) in compensatory damages and $5million (£4.1million) in punitive damages. Heard was awarded $2million (£1.6million) for her counterclaim against Depp. In July, Heard filed an official notice to appeal the outcome.

Following the trial, which concluded in June, Depp has revealed he’s set to play King Louis XV in film Jeanne du Barry. He’s also set to direct his first film in 25 years with upcoming biopic Modigliani, working alongside producer Al Pacino.

Recently, the actor earned over £3million after selling his debut art collection, which featured celebrity portraits of Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor and Pacino.

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