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John David Washington used to tell people his dad Denzel was "in jail"

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John David Washington has admitted that he used to lie about who his father was.

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The Tenet star would pretend his Oscar-winning father Denzel was a construction worker or in prison so people would treat him normally when he was trying to break into the film industry.

Washington said he feared he would not be taken seriously or judged on his own talents if people knew the truth.

He told Mr Porter’s digital magazine: “I saw how people changed when they found out who my father was. I used to lie, saying he was a construction worker or in jail, just to have some sense of normalcy.

“I felt like there was no way people would take me seriously, even if I was good. They would always judge me. So I hid who my father was. I guess I was protecting myself.”

Washington also said he was disappointed that the forthcoming Christopher Nolan film Tenet has been pushed back so many times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was removed from the Warner Bros calendar entirely last month, and “postponed indefinitely”. It was then reported that the film might be shown in Europe in August after all, and was then confirmed that it will debut in over 70 countries on August 26.

“You think it’s going to happen and they keep pushing it back. That can be disheartening,” he said. “But it’s like your child. You want to send it to the best school, even if you have to wait a semester.”

Meanwhile, Zendaya recently confirmed she had completed shooting secret new film, Malcolm & Marie with Washington.

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