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'In The Heights': Watch the trailer for Lin-Manuel Miranda's new musical

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A new trailer for In The Heights has just been released – check it out below.

The film, a musical based on Lin Manuel-Miranda’s 2007 stage musical of the same name, tells the story of a Latino community based in Washington Heights, New York.

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The film stars Anthony Ramos as Usnavi and Leslie Grace as Nina Rosario, and is currently due for release this summer.

Check out the trailer here:

Last year, Grace told NME that Hamilton fans “wont be disappointed”.

In The Heights is a full-on movie, it’s what you would wish any musical would be for that one person in your family that hates musicals,” she said.

Reflecting on the expectations of long-time Hamilton fans, she added: “They won’t be disappointed, especially people who are just longtime fans of Lin or even new fans just having seen the recording on Disney+ and enjoying it from home without having the theatre experience.”

Grace added that In The Heights marks a landmark moment for Latino representation in cinema. “It’s an incredible platform for our culture to live on as Latinos,” she explained.

“It’s a cultural event that I think our culture has never had to this degree, and Lin was very adamant about allowing that moment to live.”

Reviewing the Disney+ filmed version of Hamilton last year, NME said: “A period drama that obsesses over legacy, Hamilton changed the game when it first hit the stage and now this bold, brilliant and daring filmed version is set to do it all over again.”

In the Heights is scheduled to be released via Warner Bros. on June 18.

In the Heights is scheduled to be released via Warner Bros. on June 18.

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