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Disney+ predicted to overtake Netflix as world's biggest streaming platform

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Disney+ is expected to overtake Netflix and become the world’s biggest streaming platform within three years.

According to new data released by The Walt Disney Company earlier this month, the platform is on track to trump Netflix as Disney+ just passed 100million global subscribers 16 months after launching, while it took Netflix a decade to reach the same number.

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Expectations had previously forecast Disney+ to take five years to reach 90million subscribers, according to the Guardian.

Disney+ doubled its content budged to $15billion (£10.8billion) last December, and increased its target to 260million subscribers by 2024.

Meanwhile, Netflix confirmed last month that the platform had 203.7million subscribers. Amazon Prime Video is expected to have approximately 147million subscribers.

‘Nomadland’ arrives on Disney+ in the UK next month. CREDIT: Alamy

“Disney+ has obviously experienced some of the fastest growth seen from a subscription video-on-demand service; kudos to them for establishing themselves as a global force so fast,” said Richard Broughton, an Ampere Analysis analyst.

“While Disney+ is still only half the size of Netflix, it has reached that milestone in an unprecedented timescale.”

Ampere then predicted Disney+ to have more subscribers than Prime Video in 2024, and eventually overtake Netflix in 2025, when considering ESPN+ and Hulu accounts as part of the overall Walt Disney Company figure.

In other Disney+ news, Oscars frontrunner Nomadland is set to launch directly on the streaming platform via the Star strand, on April 30.

The film will then be released in cinemas across the UK and Ireland when they reopen, after May 17.

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