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'Human Traffic' director confirms sequel is "ready to go"

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Human Traffic director Justin Kerrigan has confirmed that the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic is “ready to go.”

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The original Human Traffic film was released in 1999 and was set over the course of a drug-fuelled weekend in Cardiff. The film starred Danny Dyer, John Simm, Lorraine Pilkington, Shaun Parkes and Nicola Reynolds.

A sequel has been hinted at for years and in 2019, Human Traffic: The Revolution was announced by Kerrigan at Cardiff’s Tramshead (April 6) where a 20th anniversary celebration for the original film was taking place.

Now, in an extensive new interview with MixMag, Kerrigan has revealed more, confirming that Human Traffic 2‘s script had been written and that original cast members Danny Dyer (Moff), Shaun Parkes (Koop) and Nicola Reynolds (Nina) would be involved.

Once again, reiterating what he said in 2019, Kerrigan confirmed the sequel would be “a reaction to Brexit”.

Kerrigan said: “It’s time to make the film. We’ve got everything scripted and ready to go. I’ve got no shortage of actors, producers, art directors, musicians and special effects people that want to work on the film.”

He continued: “The script that I’ve written I’d love to direct. I think it’s more relevant today than ever. The central themes are fear versus love, money versus love and control versus love. And it’s really all about the people coming together. And that’s why it was relevant for Brex-shit and that’s why it’s relevant now [during the pandemic].”

“…It’s just as fun and mad as the first film, but it’s set in our times. And, you know, the rave generation are mostly parents now but it’s really about recapturing the spirit of the times which brought [the characters] all together and the second film is really about how they try and come together in a completely new time.”

Asked about his memories of filming the original Human Traffic, Kerrigan recalled that it was “chaos, just mayhem”.

“…It was a crazy time. Me, the cast and the crew were all really tight and we all went back to the same hotel at the end of the day, had a couple of beers and bonded – it was a very special time.”

Back in 2016, Dyer hinted that he could reprise the role of Moff one day, tweeting that it was “one of my favourite characters ever”.

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