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Hayao Miyazaki gives update on production of new Studio Ghibli film

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Hayao Miyazaki has given an update about where work on the next Studio Ghibli film is up to in a new interview.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Miyazaki said the next film “is a big, fantastical story.” Miyazaki helmed his last feature The Wind Rises in 2013, but came out of retirement three years later.

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Kimi-tachi wa Dou Ikiru ka? or How Do You Live? is said to be the final film in the form of the 3D animated short, Kemushi no Boro.

He continued: “We are still hand-drawing everything, but it takes us more time to complete a film because we’re drawing more frames.

“So, there are more drawings to draw than before. Back when we were making My Neighbor Totoro, we only had eight animators. Totoro we made in eight months. [For] the current film that Hayao Miyazaki is working on, we have 60 animators, but we are only able to come up with one minute of animation in a month.”

Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke (Picture: Studio Ghibli)

He continued: “That means 12 months a year, you get 12 minutes worth of movie. Actually, we’ve been working on this film for three years, so that means we have 36 minutes completed so far. We’re hoping it will finish in the next three years.”

Last month (April 16), it was announced that the music and score from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke would be to be released on vinyl for the first time.

Composer Joe Hisaishi’s music and film score for the classic animation will be released on vinyl on July 24. However, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, “delays may be possible”.

The three-LP release include Hisaishi’s 1998 suite performance of the score with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra (the ‘Princess Mononoke [Symphonic Suite]’ LP), and a new recording of the score by the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra (‘Princess Mononoke [Soundtrack]’) which features vocals by Yoshikazu Mera on the main theme song.

Earlier this year, all 21 Studio Ghibli became available to stream on Netflix. 

“Studio Ghibli’s animated films are legendary and have enthralled fans around the world for over 35 years,” Netflix said in a statement.

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