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'Harry Potter' fans confused after childhood photo of Emma Roberts used for Emma Watson

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Harry Potter fans have been left confused after the show’s new reunion special accidentally broadcast a childhood photo of American Horror Story star Emma Roberts while discussing Emma Watson.

Watson, who played Hermione Grainger in the hugely successful film series, appears in new HBO special Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts, which saw the iconic films’ cast reunite to reminisce about the eight movies and share previously unheard stories.

Since the show’s broadcast fans have noticed an anomaly in the story. When discussing Watson’s childhood, a photo of a young child at a dinner table with Minnie Mouse ears is shown, who is assumed to be Watson.

Many fans on social media noticed that it was the same childhood photo Emma Roberts posted to Instagram recently, and that it wasn’t Watson at all. No explanation for the mix-up has yet been given by the reunion special’s producers.

See a range of reactions to the blunder below.

Elsewhere in the special James Phelps (Fred Weasley) revealed that he broke Goblet Of Fire director Mike Newell’s ribs during a play fight while filming the 2005 movie.

Discussing the unfortunate accident involving Phelps and Newell, the former said: “We were doing the scene when Fred and George are rejected from entering the Tri-Wizard tournament.

“We had these wigs on and beards on what looked like old men, and Mike said, ‘OK, I think you guys are going to be really annoyed with each other, I think you should have a good fight about this’.”

Newell remembered: “I remember gripping him round the waist and trying to fling him about and so forth and I cracked a couple of ribs.”

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