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'Godzilla Vs Kong' first reactions: “It packs a real wallop”

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The first reviews for Warner Bros.’ monster epic Godzilla vs. Kong are in – check them out below.

The film acts as a direct sequel to both Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island, and marks the fourth entry in Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

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A synopsis for Godzilla Vs. Kong reads: “The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another – the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong – with humanity caught in the balance.”

In their three-star review of the film, GamesRadar wrote: “Watching these famous monsters share the screen for the first time since 1963’s King Kong Vs. Godzilla, in a series of expertly choreographed battles, packs real wallop, even if you can’t help wishing that screen was 30ft high at your local cinema.”

The film will be released tomorrow (March 26) after Warner Bros. opted for a simultaneous cinema and on-demand release via HBO Max in the US.

Empire gave the film two stars, saying: “Godzilla Vs. Kong mostly delivers on its promise of a big monster fighting another big monster.

“It just depends whether you’re willing to sit through the toe-curlingly bad set-up that surrounds it.”

Other critics took to Twitter to share their initial reactions to the film, with Brandon Davis of calling the movie “exactly what I wanted it to be.”

He added: “Giant fights and they’re just SO MUCH FUN to watch. It’s a big, ridiculous, awesome movie.”

Check out some more Twitter reactions below:

Godzilla vs. Kong will be available for Premium VOD rental in the UK from April 1.

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