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Library of Congress to add Kermit The Frog’s ‘The Rainbow Connection’ to archives of “important” recordings | NME

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The US Library of Congress has announced the 25 recordings that will be added to its National Recording Registry this year, with Kermit The Frog’s ‘The Rainbow Connection’ making the cut.

Among the other recordings archived for the year are Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’, Nas’ 1994 record ‘Illmatic’, ‘Celebration’ by Kool & The Gang, ‘Lady Marmalade’ by Labelle, and Jackson Browne’s 1974 album ‘Late For The Sky’. See the full list here.

The 25 recordings were selected from a pool of around 900 public nominations, and have been included on the basis of their “cultural, historical or aesthetic importance in the nation’s recorded sound heritage”.

The new inclusions span the years 1878 to 2008. It also features a recording of Thomas Edison’s voice and an episode of the podcast This American Life the oldest and most current additions, respectively.

In total, the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry now contains 575 recordings.

“The National Recording Registry will preserve our history through these vibrant recordings of music and voices that have reflected our humanity and shaped our culture from the past 143 years,” Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden said in a statement.

“We received about 900 public nominations this year for recordings to add to the registry, and we welcome the public’s input as the Library of Congress and its partners preserve the diverse sounds of history and culture.”

Explaining its decision to preserve ‘The Rainbow Connection’, The Library of Congress said the song’s “plaintive message about dreams and their fulfilment remains enduring”.

In a statement about the Muppet’s inclusion in the archive, Kermit The Frog said: “Well, gee, it’s an amazing feeling to officially become part of our nation’s history. It’s a great honour.”

“And I am thrilled – I am thrilled! – to be the first frog on the list!”

Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher wrote ‘The Rainbow Connection’ for the 1979 film, The Muppet Movie.

It was nominated for an Oscar at the 52nd Academy Awards but lost out to ‘It Goes Like It Goes’ from Norma Rae.

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