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David Lynch just expertly trolled the Internet with a big "announcement"

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David Lynch has trolled fans after promising a big “announcement” today (February 1).

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The cult director has been posting a number of his daily weather reports on his YouTube channel over the past year or so, although his latest one at the very end of last month left fans intrigued.

“Not today, but tomorrow, I will have an announcement to make,” he declared on January 31, leading many to believe that he would confirm a fourth series of Twin Peaks or a new project.

However, it turns out Lynch was pulling fans’ fingers, as he confirmed that he was actually due to announce a break from his weather report – but fans’ enthusiasm made him decide to stick with it.

“Good morning, it’s February 1, 2021, and it’s a Monday,” the director began. “This is a day I was gonna announce that I was going to take a break from doing the weather report and picking the number of the day.

“But then I read the comments yesterday and it hit me once again what a great group you all are who subscribe or visit the David Lynch Theater. So thoughtful and so kind you are, and I am so thankful there are people like you in this world.

“So we’re gonna continue on, and I wish, no matter what the weather is, I wish for all of you blue skies and golden sunshine internally all along the way. Everyone, have a great day.”

David Lynch
David Lynch has continued to released artistic projects throughout lockdown. Credit: Getty

While Lynch has not made a feature film since Inland Empire in 2006, the director has been busy in recent years with the third season of Twin Peaks in 2017 and short film What Did Jack Do? in 2019.

However, reports emerged recently that he was working on a Netflix series with the working title of Wisteria, with production reportedly due to start in May.

Lynch also revealed a few months ago that he would likely have been working on a new film had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic.

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