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'Corona Zombies': there's already a horror film about COVID-19

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An hour-long feature called Corona Zombies has been released exclusively on streaming platform Full Moon Features, focusing on the coronavirus crisis.

The film was released last Friday (April 10), and was shot over 28 days by the film studio owned by Charles Band.

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Corona Zombies sees Cody Renee Cameron play a character named Barbie who lives in a trailer park in Santa Monica and discovers “corona zombies”, infected by COVID-19, walking among the living.

In the film, coronavirus originated in “Scambell’s bat soup factory”, and Barbie meets “the Corona Squad” tasked with defeating the zombies.

Other jokes include a toilet paper shortage, face-mask wearing zombies and guides to social distancing – as well as a line of dialogue from Barbie saying, “Wuhan? I love that rap group.”

The film features re-edited clips of films Hell of the Living Dead and Zombies vs Strippers, as well as videos of Donald Trump, and the interviewed spring breakers who chose to ignore the pandemic.

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#onset of Corona Zombies with Cody Renee Cameron & directed by Charles Band. #beforetheoutbreak #coronazombies. Premieres April 10th only on the Full Moon Features channel and app. Download today on Roku, ITunes, GooglePlay, or Xbox.

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Elsewhere, a number of film and TV projects have been delayed or suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s the full list of affected projects.

Countering this, several film titles have been released online sooner than planned in the wake of fewer scheduled releases and physical campaigns.

Yesterday (April 15) the Cannes Film Festival confirmed the 2020 edition could not take place in its original form, due to begin mid-May. The team is currently looking for solutions to still support the booked films and the wider industry.

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