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Brother dubs entire 'Parasite' film into English so his sister will watch it

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An Australian YouTuber spent seven months dubbing South Korean film Parasite into English so that his sister would watch the award-winning movie.

Film, TV and animation student Oscar Cousins, who goes by his OggyOgga moniker on YouTube, said in a video posted to his channel yesterday (July 1) that he enlisted friends, family and an actor to voice the film because his sister refused to watch it with subtitles.

In the clip Cousins, 20, explains how he caught his sister watching a Korean TV series with “the worst dub I’ve ever heard”. It motivated him to create a full English dubbed version of Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning horror film, which clocks in at 132 minutes.

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Cousins told NME that he tried to work on the project everyday over the last seven months but was limited by the arrival of voiceover submissions. “On some days it was real gruelling, on others it was more fun. I had to chop up my family and friends vocals a lot to try to make them fit the lip sync, and that took forever and got boring fast.”

He added that the project “became more fun” the closer it came to completion. “Getting a good performance out of my family was hard, I had to do so many takes with them,” Cousins added. “We laughed and had fun but yeah, I’m not going to lie, it got draining repeating the lines over and over.”

It also turned out that the actor Cousins hired on online marketplace Fiverr to voice one of the characters in the film had an American accent despite every other character being Australian. Cousins persisted regardless, and by the end of the project sat his family down to watch his version – including his sister.

“My sister loved it,” Cousins added. “I was glad to see her end up being invested in the great story and visuals of the film, despite the stupid stuff I did to it. It was a weird way to watch the film and definitely not the most ideal. I knew it’d end up bad but I’m glad it wasn’t too bad that she could still appreciate parts the film.”

What ensues in Cousins’ overview video is a hilarious few minutes towards the end in which we see his family laugh at the DIY dubbed film.

Parasite won Academy Awards for Best International Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director for Bong Joon-ho, and Best Picture earlier in 2020. It was the first South Korean movie to win an Oscar and the first non-English language film to take home Best Picture.

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