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Biggest box office bombs of 2019: bad news for sequels and remakes

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The list of the biggest box office bombs for 2019 has been revealed, seeing X-Men: Dark Phoenix with the most substantial financial loss.

The list, published annually by Deadline, showed the spin-off superhero film led by Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) lost $143 million (£115 million) at the worldwide box office.

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The X-Men film was singled out for being directed by first-time director Simon Kinberg, who wrote and produced a number of previous offerings. The film was also rescheduled several times and earned negative reviews.

The list also includes Terminator: Dark Fate, which lost $122 million (£98 million) despite earning good reviews and featuring three female leads, deemed to be topical.

The third biggest financial disappointment was Tom Hooper’s live-action remake of Cats, which lost $113 million (£90 million) after the trailers went viral, audiences criticised the visual effects and critics panned the release.

Will Smith’s clone thriller Gemini Man came fourth on the list, while Laika animation Missing Link completed the top five – despite earning positive reviews and being nominated for an Oscar. Smith’s film lost $111 million (£89 million), while Missing Link lost $101 million (£81 million).

In Cats-related news, an anonymous source who worked on the film’s visual effects spoke of Hooper’s behaviour on set, saying the director made production “almost slavery” for the crew.

Hooper was described as “horrible”, “disrespectful”, “demeaning” and “condescending”. The director and distributor Universal Pictures did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cats was released to stream online earlier than scheduled.

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