Treat Yourself With A Majestic Track & Stream Riotron’s “Silent Night”

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Riotron has recently released his latest production featuring GOLDHOUSE, the powerful track titled “Silent Night.” From dance to edm and everything in between, Riotron’s new release is a full on display of his capacity to create his own aesthetics while revisiting a classic song. 

The alter-ego of Canadian indie-pop singer-songwriter Jeff Fettes has been releasing quite a few hits during the pandemic, among which “I’m Sorry” and “Dark Highway,” juggling between 80’s inspired soundscapes and  electronic synth-pop, dance-rock and jazz. It is this unique blend that has attracted some of the most prominent DJs and producers for remixes, including Black Caviar and Wuki. 

Speaking about the purpose of his music, Riotron shares: “My music is about forgiving ourselves for our flaws. It’s about the transformation out of dark spaces and coming into the light. It is meant for anyone who has lived through mistakes that eventually inspired them to a stronger, more honest place.”  

Treat yourself with a majestic track and stream Riotron’s newly released “Silent Night” on repeat!

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