86TVs confirm details of self-titled debut album

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86TVs, the band featuring former Maccabees members Felix and Hugo White, have unfurled details of their self-titled debut album, set for release on August 2nd.

The project, produced by Stephen Street, has been many years in the making for the group, which also consists of Will White and drummer Jamie Morrison. The White brothers previously hit staggering heights with their former group, who bowed out in 2016 with three sold-out shows at London’s Alexandra Palace, and now, they are ready to tackle a new challenge.

Last summer, 86TVs shared their debut single ‘Worn Out Buildings‘ which appeared on their debut EP, You Don’t Have To Be Yourself Right Now, and have since toured extensively. They will also appear at numerous festivals this summer.

While the upcoming debut doesn’t directly refer to the tragic loss of their mother, who passed away following a battle of MS when they were teenagers, Felix explained how grief played a role in the LP: “The feeling of missing someone comes up a lot in many different ways on the album. There’s a complexity to grief.”

The guitarist, who also hosts the highly-successful Tailenders podcast, added: “There are moments where it feels like it happened yesterday and others where you can’t even remember it. Maybe it feels that there are certain things that are easier to communicate in a song. After our first gig someone came up to me and said it sounded like The Strokes if they’d had therapy.”

Furthermore, 86TVs have shared the new single ‘Tambourine’, a pulsating effort that doesn’t overstay its welcome and lasts for less than two minutes. According to Will, “‘Tambourine’ was the first song we started working on as a band. It was written one summer when lots of people I knew were entering their thirties – a friend described their Dad as a ‘human tambourine’ and it all found its way into that song. It’s two minutes long, the most succinct and direct thing we’ve put out yet.”

Last year, during an exclusive interview with Far Out, Hugo explained how 86TVs would meet up in Wandsworth aimlessly working on material which ultimately didn’t go anywhere until they recruited Morrison to the fold.

“That went on for a while,” Hugo recalled. “We pretty much wrote an album of instrumental music, but we didn’t know what it was for. During that process, we met Jamie by chance, and we’d known him since his Noisettes days. He came down one day to play with us, and the whole thing just gelled”.

Thankfully, 86TVs did eventually find their sound and while they don’t have a conventional lead singer, the three brothers rotate vocal duties with their brotherhood taking centre stage.

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