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Another week, the same bustling music industry. Every week, thousands of artists present shiny new offerings to their works. It can be exhausting to try and keep up with the established names, let alone dive beneath the surface into the world of up-and-comers. Let us do the hard work for you.

This week saw the release of some hotly anticipated material. Lime Garden earned the album of the week crown with their debut record, One More Thing. Led with a stunning new single, ‘Popstar’ is built to get the blood pumping. Other new names to note, like Mary In The Junkyard and Devon Ross, also delivered new cuts that are keeping us interested.

In the world of the big leagues, Warpaint returned with a new track. Caroline Polachek and DIIV also gave us new tunes to wrap out ears around, and we’ll more than happily oblige. 

Across rock, indie, pop and folk, the music world has been as busy as ever on every size, scale and front. It’s all too easy to miss out on greatness when new music Friday is more oversaturated than ever. Helping you keep up and ensuring nothing amazing slips by, we’ve boiled down the noise to the best new releases you need to pay attention to this week.

If you’re after your new favourite long play, head to our weekly Alternative Album Chart. But stay right here to get a quick fix of the top new hits.

The best new music of the week:

Track of the Week:

Abby Roberts + Re6ce – ‘Lose Myself In You’: Abby Roberts is a compelling figure whose journey from beauty influencer on TikTok to music artist might initially raise eyebrows. It’s a common narrative for online personalities to venture into new realms, often met with scepticism. Initially, her foray into music may not have impressed, especially with the involvement of major management companies and significant budgets. However, given time to develop her craft and the space to find her sound away from the pressure of converting her online following into loyal fans, Roberts has emerged with genuinely impressive music.

The next in a string of brilliant singles, following ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and ‘Volatile’, ‘Lose Myself In You’ is a further step into a clearer artistic world. Roberts seems to have finally got her vibe sussed and is now welcoming us into a world that’s half Lana Del Rey wistful romanticism and half post-punk grit. Pairing almost spoken word verses with a soaring singalong chorus, ‘Lose Myself In You’ is fresh, exciting and proof that sticking true to your own vision will always pay off better. [5/5]

[embedded content]

Instant Classics – The best new songs of the week:

Warpaint – ‘Common Blue’: The indie leaders return to take their place back at the top. ‘Common Blue’ sounds like a band shaking the cobwebs off and reuniting with their love of music, building it from a simple jam session into a thorough and captivating track. [4/5]

Maya Hawke – ‘Missing Out’: A nepotism baby singing about the drawbacks of fame should be annoying, but ‘Missing Out’ is not. Hawke looks at the world without denying her unique lens. She’s not asking you to relate, simply to enjoy, and we do. [4/5]

Lime Garden – ‘Popstar’: This enthusiastic endorsement captures the essence of anticipation for experiencing a track live from an exceptional debut album. The excitement of hearing it performed in its full, danceable, and anti-capitalist glory adds to the anticipation, underscoring the ascent of the UK’s most promising new band. [4.5/5]

DIIV: ‘Power Paper Bag’: Just as shoegaze was about to die a boring death, the modern leaders of the genre returned. DIIV reinvigorates the genre with a heavier hand on this new cut, complete with a wall of sound breakdowns and verses that force a head nod and a hip sway from you. [4/5]

Caroline Polachek – ‘Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth’: That’s an epic song title to try and live up to, but Polachek manages it. As she unveils the extended version of her album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You; this vast and soaring track sits on it like a secret weapon she’d been concealing from us all this time. [4/5]

English Teacher - 2024 - Tatiana Pozuelo

(Credits: Far Out / Tatiana Pozuelo)

On The Rise – Up and comers to note

Devon Ross – ‘I Don’t Wanna’: Music has a new cool girl, and it’s Devon Ross. The daughter of Lenny Kravitz guitar player Craig Ross, you can tell that she was raised on tour buses. Effortless blues seems to fall out of her like it’s the most casual thing in the world as her debut EP, Oxford Gardens, contains some of the best new riffs around, coming from a guitar player who seemed to be born able to shred. [4/5]

Dead Slow Hoot – ‘Take It Or Leave It’: Dead Slow Hoot are not only a band you should take note of, but you should go back and listen to their whole discography. There are two albums of greatness already waiting, and on this new single, they prove they’re still only getting better. [4/5]

Mary In The Junkyard – ‘Ghost’: Mary In The Junkyard is everywhere, yet nowhere. Only just releasing their second single, they’re already on every lineup going. But from the quality of the two tracks, it seems deserved so far. Following up the spiraling ‘Tuesday’, ‘Ghost’ is heavier but just as gripping. [3.5/5]

English Teacher – ‘R&B’: Finishing up their perfect string of singles ahead of their debut album, English Teacher keep the quality high. Offering up a re-done version of their 2021 debut single, this new take on ‘R&B’ is proof of their growth and readiness for the next step. [3.5/5]

Late Night Drive Home – ‘Feeling Grey’: Feeling angsty? This one is for you. Simply a good old-fashioned indie hit set to soundtrack moody moments to make you feel cinematic, it’s an easy listen. [3/5]

Sweet Unrest – ‘Peace Of Mind’: But if you need something to push the clouds away, try this. Sex Pistols meets The Specials, produced to perfection; ‘Peace Of Mind’ is exactly how you translate live energy to tape. It’s like you can hear the mosh pits and cheers as this optimistic track bursts into roaring life and keeps getting louder and bigger. [4/5]

Sarah Meth – ‘Computer Love’: Only a few months after her EP, Steps, Sarah Meth returns. Solidifying herself as a key one to watch in the world of cinematic sonics, her vision is always tight and clear. This new track feels like an unofficial theme tune for Spike Jonze’s Her, or any love in the modern age. [3.5/5]

Bess Atwell – ‘Release Myself’: Atwell’s voice is so incredibly beautiful. It’s timelessly, classically beautiful to the point where she could sing a shopping list, and we’d playlist it. But luckily, she’s a brilliant songwriter too. [3.5/5]

Hex Girlfriend – ‘Cafe Culture’: Rave and rock combine in this loud track. Sure to rattle sound systems and burst eardrums, don’t you dare turn it down. [3/5]

First Spin – The best debut single of the week

Hamanda – ‘Mirror’: With no bio, no description and no social media links, who knows who or what Hamanda is made up of. All we know is that their psychedelic blues stylings make for a strong debut single. Led by a sweet vocal and a strong guitar line, what more could you want? [4/5]

Off The Beaten Track – Left-field influences and deeper dives

Say Lou Lou – ‘Wong Kar-wai’: It’s an international affair. The sister duo hail from Sweden and Australia, but this track is dedicated to Japanese cinematic legend Wong Kar-wai. The writer and director behind In the Mood For Love and Fallen Angels, Kar-wai’s vision is translated into this gripping little pop song. [3.5/5]

Baby Said – ‘You Killed It’: UK-based but informed by their Italian and Punjabi family, Baby Said are another sister duo on the rise with this hi-octane pop-rock track. [3/5]

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