Pop Crowd, Prepare To Be Swept Off Your Feet By Emily Litta

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Fall in love with mellow pop vibes and the beautiful voice of Emily Litta, a new generation artist whose music is quickly gaining fame. Having lived in the most diverse cultures of London, Sydney, and Milan, Emily Litta channels her empowering background into her art, thus making her song more universal and relatable for not thousands but millions. 

Her latest creation is “Messy”, a song that touches upon a very interesting phenomenon of our time. With booming social media numerous people get to observe our actions. On the one hand everyone has a “free pass to our lives”, on the other, it is the attention we seek that feeds our ego and grows toxic by the day, and things can get real “messy” trying to keep it balanced. The song captivates immediately, the artist’s voice nonchalantly commanding attention as she sings through all the things one can post on social media. Give “Messy” a listen down below and see for yourself!

Emily Litta can be found on: InstagramSpotify TikTokSoundcloud

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