Peg Luke Delivers an Inspirational Musical Experience with the New Single “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”

Peg Luke Delivers an Inspirational Musical Experience with the New Single "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" Posted On
Posted By Nicholas Klein

Peg Luke, a billboard artist and Emmy and Grammy-nominated artist, releases the brand new single, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” embracing in these deeply emotional pieces this issue of faith and spirituality. This new release is but another testimony to the great versatility of Peg and her commitment to bringing forth messages of hope and divine connection through her music.

For Peg Luke, it has been an odyssey of perseverance and zeal. Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition some three years ago, this is by far the longest that Peg has those indoors, which she attributes to the pandemic. But she remains very optimistic, using her music to uplift and inspire. She feels the urge to communicate God’s message and remind her listeners that the bond between humanity and its creator is eternal.

“Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” is the song that reflects personal experience and faith in Peg. Great melodies and lyrics throughout the song echo with authenticity and place the listener inside a world where honest heart music resides. This release remains true to Peg’s tradition of crafting music that touches the soul and offers comfort with inspiration.

Such songs as “Dirt Under His Nails,” “Amazing Grace,” and “God Will Be My Peace” continue to be among the most critically acclaimed, and Peg’s career has been one successful release after another. Each song has been to her a showcase of excellence and a devotion to her own craft that certainly places her next to the greats in the world of gospel and spirit. SCRIPT Taken almost verbatim from scripture and from Peg’s own spiritual journey, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” is a testimony to Peg’s depth with her faith. Her music soars into the heavens to inspire hope and provide solace when storm clouds gather. Peg’s previous recordings, including her critically lauded Grammy-nominated release “Benediction,” were masterful combinations of raw emotion and accomplished arrangements.

It is, however, in her meditation videos that Peg Luke has endeared herself to the world as she takes people into a space of peace, all in her own composition and flute melody, to comfort and heal.

In the lullaby “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” Peg Luke takes the listener with her into faith and hope. She is said to continue to unite her audiences, crossing borders with her ability to share messages of love and compassion.

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