Netflix to support Richard Gadd amid ‘Baby Reindeer’ lawsuit

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Streaming service Netflix has confirmed the news that they are willing to defend writer and actor Richard Gadd, known for his series Baby Reindeer. Gadd and Netflix are currently facing a $170million lawsuit that has been aimed at the streaming served by the woman claiming to be the inspiration for the series’ Martha.

On Thursday, Fiona Harvey filed a lawsuit in California, claiming that Netflix are guilty of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, gross negligence and violations of her right of publicity.

Harvey claimed that she was the inspiration behind the stalking character in Baby Reindeer, which was written by and starred by Richard Gadd. However, she denied the fact that she stalked Gadd and sent him over 40,000 emails, as depicted in the show.

After the lawsuit was filed it became clear that Harvey was seeking $170 million in damages, and now Netflix have said that they will stand by their man Gadd and back him. “We intend to defend this matter vigorously and to stand by Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story,” a spokesperson for the streaming service had said.

Harvey’s lawsuit explained the kind of mental and physical state that she had found herself in following the release of Baby Reindeer. “She has and continues to experience anxiety, nightmares, panic attacks, shame, depression, nervousness, stomach pains, loss of appetite and fear, extreme stress and sickness all directly caused by lies told about her in Baby Reindeer,” the suit stated.

According to the suit, Baby Reindeer is not a true story as it posits, but is in fact a “lie created by Gadd and distributed by Netflix.”

Gadd had recent appeared at a public event to collect an award for best breakthrough show. At the first Gotham TV Awards, Gadd turned up with his castmates Jessica Gunning and Nava Mau and thanked Netflix for supporting his show.

“I never thought in a million years this dark, weird, messed up show would go on to have this universal love that it’s received,” the writer and actor noted, “and I’m so grateful to them for giving us this platform to tell the story to the world.”

Still, Gadd must now face the problem of dealing with the Harvey lawsuit, even though he is currently enjoying the success of his debut TV show. Netflix, though, appear to be backing their writer and offering the support that he might need in order to get out of the lawsuit and the many personal and financial issues it may bring.

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