Jehnny Beth of Savages' 'Mellow Joy' Playlist

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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Jehnny Beth of Savages:

In this strange time of confinement, I cannot go out and meet the world, but neither can I abandon it. My nights are long, my days still need fixing, but music helps to connect me to the outside world, to travel, and remember the majesty of vast prairies, fields, forests and landscapes. I have selected songs that help quiet the mind and make you see things as you hear them. When isolated, imagination is the gift. Enjoy.

“Recomposed” – Max Richter
It’s probably the song I have been listening to the most while in confinement. There is something so elevated about it, makes me feel like I’m flying, or falling in love.

“Spiegel Im Spiegel” – Arvo Part
Written in 1978 by Estonian composer Arvo Part, this almost 10 min piece is really the kind of minimalist music I need right now.

“A Catalogue of Afternoons – Max Richter
Back to Max Richter, from his second album The Blue Notebooks. Same reason as above.

“Ab Ovo” – Joe Being
It’s not really sadness, it’s light within. Don’t shy away from the tears if they come to you naturally.

“The Typewriter” – David Wenngren
Let’s keep drifting off even more…

“Vanity” – Mica Levi
Mica is one of my favourite composers of this time. She is very discreet but her music is always spot on. I would recommend to watch the film Jackie just for the music.

“An Ikea Loop” – Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno
Don’t be fooled by the title, this track won’t start a panic attack the way shopping at Ikea does. So much hope in these three chords of piano.

“Peace Piece” – Bill Evans
One of my favourite pianists, this piece will bring you peace, just like its title suggests.

“Une Barque by Ojard et” – Jean Ray
This is from a great series of compilations of French Ambiant music which I highly recommend.

“Le Jardin féerique from Ma Mere l’oye” – Valeria Szervanszky and Ronald Cavaye
I loved Call Me By Your Name and hearing this piece just puts me back into the atmosphere of the film. First love in the sunny countryside.

“The Tailor of Fitzrovia” – Jonny Greenwood
A master of his craft paying tribute to another master of his craft. I can see the needle of the couturier played by Daniel Day-Lewis going through the fabric, the attention to detail…

“What Must Be Done” – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Another great film with my husband forever Brad Pitt.

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