Jeff Bridges names his favourite modern TV shows

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A seven-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner, American screen icon Jeff Bridges has occupied the silver screen ever since the 1950s, first appearing as an infant in 1951’s The Company She Keeps. In the decades since, the actor has established himself as one of the industry’s greatest-ever talents, boasting stellar collaborations with the likes of the Coen brothers, Peter Bogdanovich and Terry Gilliam, among many others.

Despite delivering some excellent performances in the twilight of the 20th century, as seen in works like Thunderbolt, Lightfoot and Starman and the nostalgic coming-of-age movie The Last Picture Show, Bridges wouldn’t see awards glory until the new millennium. With four Oscar nominations already under his belt, Bridges would finally claim the ‘Leading Role’ trophy for his role in Scott Cooper’s 2009 film Crazy Heart.

Even with this considered, many will undoubtedly look upon Bridges and only be able to see ‘The Dude’ from the Coen brothers’ iconic stoner comedy The Big Lebowski, from 1998, which is considered one of the most influential independent movies ever made. Encapsulating the laid-back person many consider Bridges to be, ‘The Dude’ certainly remains the actor’s most definitive role.

Though he’s mostly known for his work on the big screen, Bridges is known for his appearances on TV, too, using it as a platform for his early development in the 1950s as well as for further creative exploration in the contemporary industry. No doubt, his greatest TV role was in FX’s The Old Man from 2022, which saw Bridges play a retired CIA agent who is pursued by the company he once worked for.

Fond of a bit of small-screen entertainment, Bridges once revealed to Empire all the shows that enthral him. “I love all the Brits,” he begins, exclaiming his love for British exports, “Pulling this stuff like Succession. Come on, man! That’s high-quality stuff, you know. What We Do In The Shadows. PEN15 – that takes acting to another level. Those women did such a wonderful job.”

Continuing, he adds: “It’s hard to even say it; it sounds so unbelievable, but they’re 34 years old, and they’re playing 13 seventh-graders. And they just do it so beautifully. I love it. There’s so much content.”

While the multi-Emmy-award-winning HBO series Succession is well-known to anyone even slightly interested in the world of TV, What We Do In The Shadows and PEN15 are slightly lesser-known entities. The former was created by Jemaine Clement and is a satirical sitcom following the lives of several feisty vampires, while the latter is one of television’s most ingenious comedies, exploring the struggles of middle school using actors who are well past the relative age.

Jeff Bridges’ favourite TV shows:

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