Cage The Elephant return with new single ‘Neon Pill’

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Cage The Elephant – ‘Neon Pill’

For a while, it seemed a comeback for Cage The Elephant wasn’t on the cards. Following a substantial hiatus — five years, to be precise — and navigating through some notably peculiar circumstances, the American rock band is prepared to pick up where they left off with the steady-but-sturdy, alternative rock sounds of ‘Neon Pill’.

Continuing the momentum from 2019’s Social Cues, ‘Neon Pill’ maintains a consistent rhythm, with the dynamics building up in the chorus, transitioning into an interlude showcasing a groovy melody—a recurring standout element throughout the track. The band’s attitude towards their return is clear from the very first lyric: “Takes one to know one / back at it again / Birds of a feather / until the end.”

While every line holds its charm, it’s unquestionably the chorus that will resonate in your thoughts well after the song finishes. Frontman Matt Schultz approaches the obvious with directness and candour as he sings: “It’s a hit and run, oh no / Double-crossed by a neon pill / Like a loaded gun, my love / Double-crossed, crossed by a neon pill.”

Following on from the success of Social Cues is a challenge, particularly as the Grammy Award-winning album was widely celebrated. With ‘Neon Pill’, however, Cage The Elephant continued their signature post-punk, psychedelic tendencies with lyrics and arrangements that offer a pleasant listening experience without compromising on profound meaning.

The standout quality of ‘Neon Pill’ may lie in its familiar essence, evoking a sense of déjà vu. Perhaps it’s the unmistakable musical style characteristic of Cage The Elephant, but one thing is for certain — the song possesses a certain je ne sais quoi that will beckon you back to its enigmatic and charming world.

There’s also sense of forbidden allure that adds to the intrigue, particularly in the lines, “Out in the open, I’m thinking it through / And it took so long to find you, to find you,” Schultz appears to be on a quest for something or may have already found it, creating an atmosphere where, whatever happened, a new chapter is on the horizon.

Above everything, ‘Neon Pill’ serves as the perfect return for a band that has been greatly missed. Its mysterious charm, reminiscent of the band’s earlier creations, leaves you eager to discover what lies ahead—this marks a fresh chapter for Cage The Elephant, and it’s bound to be thrilling in all its imperfections.

Listen to ‘Neon Pill’ below.

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