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Jacob Colon – Inspirations Interview

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Today, Jacob Colon is here with this exclusive interview, talking us through his inspirations as he shares an insight into his creativity and influences. Having taken the Electronic Music world by storm, showcasing a signature style distinct in sound and high in quality, Jacob Colon continues to capture the attention of genre fans from around the globe. As he brings sonic excitement each week with episodes of his radio show ‘Made To Move’, along with consistently releasing stellar productions, Jacob Colon’s popularity and reputation are sure to keep growing; no doubt a talent to keep watching, Jacob Colon is quickly making his way to the top of the list of Producers and DJs currently on the Electronic Music scene.


Hello Jacob Colon, how’s it going?


I’m doing very well. Always keeping myself busy with my radio program, releases, and other projects. 


Can you tell us, what first inspired you to pursue a career producing Electronic Music? Was there a particular moment or Artist that you heard?


Before I started making Electronic Music, I made Hip Hop and R&B music. At the time, I was a keyboard player for a local church I attended, which is where I taught myself music production while using a sequencer keyboard. Fast forward a couple of years, I began branching out into House music which is where my true creativity started to blossom. As a Hip-Hop producer, you’re limited to finding the right artist to complement the beat you made which isn’t an easy task sometimes. As a House music producer, that gap is filled since I am the artist featured on the beat. During my earlier years, I listened to a bunch of artists that ranged through a variety of different House genres. Guys like Oscar G, Tiesto, EDX, Morgan Page, Chus and Ceballos, Carl Cox and others. 

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 What typically inspires you to be creative?


Just listening to music at the gym or in the car keeps me inspired. 


You’re known for a style that blends multiple genres, can you tell us about these influences and inspirations? How have you come to develop such a unique signature sound?


My background on the piano is the base for my creativity. Since I started my musical journey playing in a band by ear, I developed a niche to be able to grab ideas whether it’s a chord progression or a melody, from any genre of music and play it on the piano. If it sounds good, I’ll use it as a base to create something new and just keep going from there. I’m a huge fan of live performances, so I spend a good portion of my time creating a solid groove that has a human feel to it. 

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Your radio show, ‘Made To Move’, continually brings captivating mixes to listeners. When you set out to create an episode, do you think about the feeling that the music will inspire in your listeners? What’s the process like?


It’s pretty much a process of trial and error. I pick out tracks that I personally like. Anything that sparks my attention will be considered for a placement on my show. Because I listen to a variety of House music, I don’t limit the show to any particular type of genre. It’s more about the groove above anything else. Sometimes I’ll play more Tech House tracks and another week I may stick with more Afro House tracks. It’s all about which tracks I come across while searching.  


Do you ever find inspiration outside of music? If so, where?


Yes, through meditation. I’ve learned that clearing your mind is the best way to position yourself to receive ideas and inspiration. 


What do you hope future Producers listening to your work take away?

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The uniqueness of my sound and how it differentiates from the rest of the industry. 


What genres of music are most inspirational to you?


I can take it back to some classic Hip Hop tracks, current Trap beats, Reggaeton, Afrobeats is also a vibe and of course House music. 


When taking inspiration from other Artists and music, how do you ensure that your sound remains unique?

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I would say that I just follow my heart. It may sound cheesy but it’s really the secret that isn’t so secret. Trying to copy someone doesn’t provide any real sense of creation or fulfillment therefore it’s not really an outlet I explore. Creating something you’ve never heard before is really what it’s all about. 


Have you discovered any new creative inspirations recently, perhaps a new genre or Artist that has been motivating you to create?


I listen to any artist dropping new music. Along with that I’ve been on different learning platforms like faderpro to pick up new tips on my production approach. A great thing about keeping an outlet open to consistently learn new things is that your imagination also grows and your creative strength is developed which helps spark new ideas.


As we wrap up our interview this week with Jacob Colon, we thank him for his time and for sharing such an insight into his creative journey; on a path that is sure to see him keep discovering and exploring new inspirations, Jacob Colon will no doubt continue to emerge with a fresh and exciting approach to his creative expression. So, as we eagerly anticipate the next instalment in Jacob Colon’s already captivating musical journey, we remind you to follow him across social media to make sure you stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases, projects, and live shows.


Jacob Colon Online   

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