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Drunk & Play – Inspirations Interview

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Drunk & Play joins us to share an exclusive look into the inspirations and influences that led him into the world of Electronic Music, giving us an insight into his creative motivations and how he hopes his music inspires. 


Having emerged on the Electronic Music scene with a passion and determination to stand out, Drunk & Play is fast gaining the attention of genre enthusiasts around the globe as he continues to strike back with his captivating musical offerings and engaging sonic identity. With an ever-growing list of performances to his name, including sharing the stage with top genre VIPs like Classmatic, Trallez, and Gabe, Drunk & Play is certainly making an impact. 


So, dive into this exclusive interview and discover the creativity behind the talented Drunk & Play.


Hello Drunk & Play, how are you?


Hey guys, I’m fine, thanks for asking!

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When you first discovered Electronic Music, what Artist sparked your initial passion?


In my teen ages I use to listen to Summer Electro Hits, it was huge in Brazil and that’s how I discovered Electronic Music.


Who are your biggest inspirations now?


Now and always – The Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler are my inspirations in terms of Electronic Music.

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How have your influences and inspirations developed as you’ve grown as an Artist?


I think I just started to listen more carefully to music. I now appreciate the details and well-constructed aesthetics more. 


Are there any genres outside of Electronic Music that influence your work and inspire your creativity? 


For sure, Brazilian music such as samba, international and Brazilian Rap and some Rock bands. I like to listen to good music – good music is a genre itself.


What about your sound do you hope inspires listeners?

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That’s one of my goals while I’m producing. I try to do music to inspire and/or send a message.


Is there anything outside of music that inspires you?

I’m in love with fashion and any painting kind of art! Entering the world of fashion is one of my goals.


What about your signature sound do you think is most unique and inspirational to listeners?


My signature sound is lots of groove, on the drums and on the bass! Add some good vocals and that’s what I like to produce and play. Try to listen to the different instruments and melodies that I work on my music and I’m sure it will inspire you to dance.

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How do you think your influences and inspirations are translated into your signature sound? 


I used to play in a group of samba, so groove is my strength; I think that can be heard in my productions now and is a way that my influences are translated.


Do you have any inspirational words of wisdom for the future generation of music Producers and DJs?  


Listen to those who inspire you, produce a lot, more than you can, and ALWAYS be yourself.

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Now, as we close our conversation with Drunk & Play, we have certainly enjoyed hearing more about the inspirations that have played a part in the development of his unique and distinct signature sound. So, we thank Drunk & Play for allowing us a glimpse into his ever-passionate world of creation and look forward to hearing what is next to come from this talented Producer and DJ


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