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Ekonovah Debuts Brand New EP “The Beginning” via In/Rotation

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Arizona based producer, Ekonovah also known as Stephen Scotti, is catching ears and turning heads with his upcoming EP titled ‘The Beginning” out now via IN/ROTATION.  His new EP represents a turning point for the artist where he is focusing on the message behind his music more than ever before. He proves his talents go far beyond production, providing the vocals for both tracks on ‘The Beginning”. Scotti states that this new EP’s title track is “the most important song I have ever released.”

Ekonovah began writing the EP titled track, “The Beginning” at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, which resulted in a major shift in his sound and songwriting. Ekonovah’s EP title track is an uplifting and emotive track showcasing Ekonovah’s vulnerability and point of reflection – something listeners can definitely relate to, perhaps more than ever before! This is what Ekonovah had to say about “The Beginning”:   

The Beginning; is a song about self-love and knowing that you are great, but at the same time understanding that there is always room for improvement. I wrote “The Beginning” when COVID lockdowns were starting, and ended up spending the duration of quarantine experimenting with my vocals and songwriting with vulnerable topics. To date, ‘The Beginning’ is still one of my favorite tracks, even as it approaches one year since finishing the track!”.

Conversely, Ekonovah’s second track of the EP, titled ‘Iris’, showcases the other side of himself- a track constructed entirely for the club or dancefloor. 

The rising artist is coming off of the momentum of hitting 300,000 streams on his track ‘Medicine’, as well as releasing a remix pack earlier this year on IN/ROTATION. Ekonovah has also had successful releases with labels like Insomniac Records, Confession, Dim Mak, Do Not Duplicate Recordings, and more. Pre-COVID, Ekonovah came off of massive performances at EDC Las Vegas, Bonnaroo, Decadence Arizona, and more in 2019, setting the tone for a bright future ahead.

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