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Bandaii Goes Top 10 On Apple Electronic Charts With “Craine”

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Bandaii, hailing from Santa Monica, CA and currently residing in Las Vegas, NV, has made a splash with her latest single, “Craine.” This electronic sensation has quickly climbed the ranks, reaching an impressive #5 spot on the iTunes Electronic Charts. She’s sitting right next to the biggest artists in the world on the chart!

Fusing elements of Electronic, Chill Trap, and Wave, “Craine” embodies a unique sonic experience that immediately grabbed us. Bandaii took charge of the production, crafting the track herself in Ableton. The result is a compelling composition filled with a myriad of intriguing sounds yet still manages to have an abundance of open space.

“Craine” has this dope inclusion of sampled female vocals, which add an almost haunting yet undeniably beautiful dimension to the track. These vocal elements are tastefully incorporated, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the piece.

The meticulous mixing of “Craine” was masterfully handled by Coka Cobra, showcasing a high level of skill and expertise in the production process. The collaborative efforts of Bandaii and Coka Cobra have undoubtedly contributed to the success and impact of this single.

Looking ahead, fans can anticipate an exciting journey with Bandaii as she explores the world of music. With her impressive talent and dedication, we would love to see future tours and collaborations with renowned artists like Skeler, Barnacle Boi, Brothel, and Crystal Castles.

Take a leap into an enchanting soundscape journey with Bandaii, and experience the magic of “Craine!”

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