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A Summer Anthem: Yolo Ru Releases Hot New Single “Got It On Me”

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North Carolina rapper Yolo Ru has recently released his latest single and music video, “Got It On Me.” Yolo Ru collaborates with his brother, Koon Ru, alongside the talented Duke Deuce. Their unmatched power and vocals have brought forth an all-time favorite hit to fans all around.

The song primarily focuses on exhibiting strength, evident emotional truths, and mighty vibes. A Ru Gang Records production, the song has claimed its spot on the brother’s rap sheet. The track’s music video has already hit milestones and viral status on Youtube, shooting their stars even higher.

The brothers were born in Trinidad and Tobago but were later on raised in Fayetteville. Throughout his musical career, Yolo Ru has openly expressed his gratitude to his mother and Jay-Z for being the constant push for his success. While he first started as a football player, his ultimate fascination with music drove him to create a new musical chapter. While he shares a different taste in music than his brother, their harmonious collaboration perfectly complements their diverse sounds.

“Got It On Me” is a significant hit single that has boosted Yolo Ru’s fame to higher standards.

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