Shocking twist revealed in M Night Shyamalan’s new movie ‘Trap’

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M Night Shyamalan‘s highly-anticipated new movie, Trap, is set to arrive in cinemas on August 9th. In true Shyamalan style, the film incorporates a shocking twist, which has now been revealed.

Last week, the first teaser trailer for the movie was released, which sees Josh Hartnett play a father who takes his daughter to a pop concert to see her favourite singer, Lady Ravel, who is played by Shyamalan’s real-life daughter Saleka.

The stadium, at which the concert takes place is sold out, but Harnett’s character, Cooper, has booked floor seats for him and his daughter. However, after visiting the bathrooms, the father returns to find several police officers on the scene.

Now, an extended trailer has been released, which reveals Hartnett’s character to be a serial killer, known locally as The Butcher. The police were aware the mass murderer would be attending the concert, and a sting operation ensues.

In the clip, Hartnett’s character asks a merchandise vendor, “What’s with all the police trucks outside and the cameras everywhere?” In response, he’s told: “I’m not supposed to tell….Don’t rat me out. You know the Butcher? That freaking nutjob that goes around just chopping people up? Well, the feds or whatever heard that he’s gonna be here today, so they set up a trap for him. This whole concert, it’s a trap.”

Upon discovering this information, Cooper is ensued by a sense of anxiety, and rushes to the bathroom. While in the toilets, he opens up an app on his phone which shows a man being tortured in his basement, and reveals he is The Butcher.

Eerily, at the end of the trailer, Cooper is told, “Your daughter’s never going to forget this day.”

Earlier this week, Shyamalan discussed the upcoming movie at an event in Los Angeles called The Summer of Shyamalan. The director claimed the main inspiration for the new movie came from a desire to explore a narrative “from the vantage point of an unexpected person”, according to Variety.

Shyamalan elaborated: “It kind of led more and more to this dark humor angle that ‘Servant’ has and ‘The Visit’ and ‘Split’ had.”

Despite the bleak plot, the director claims he made “sure it’s a fun time for everybody. It’s odd … when you should be terrified and you’re laughing at the same time.”

On the casting of Hartnett, he explained: “What I’m looking for is someone that’s willing to just let go completely, give themselves over like a play to the movie and leap, leap, leap — don’t protect yourself. That beautiful electricity that requires the right actor at the right time in their life. And that’s where Josh was when when I when I met him.”

The filmmaker concluded: “It was just a feeling of the right person at the right time. I just had the most wonderful time working with him.”

Watch the new trailer for Trap below.

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