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Viggo Mortensen reveals why he turned down Wolverine role

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Lord Of The Rings actor Viggo Mortensen has revealed why he turned down the opportunity to play Wolverine in the X-Men franchise.

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Mortensen, who met with director Bryan Singer about potentially taking on the role of Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men, has explained what put him off playing the adamantium clawed superhero.

“The thing that bothered me at the time was just the commitment of endless movies of that same character over and over,” he told the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“I was nervous about that. And also there were some things… I mean they straightened most of them out, but I did take Henry [his son, who knew about comic books] to the meeting I had with the director as my sort of good luck charm and guide.

“In the back of my mind I was thinking he could learn something too, because I did let Henry read the script and he goes: ‘This is wrong, that’s not how it is’.”

Mortensen then said Singer began “falling over himself” when his son pointed out inconsistencies with the original Marvel comics.

“The rest of the meeting was him explaining in detail to Henry why he was taking certain liberties,” he added.

Hugh Jackman famously ended up taking on the role, and Mortensen said he can’t imagine anyone else ever doing it better.

“I think he did great,” he said. “I’m sure no-one could imagine anyone doing it better than he did anyway.”

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is reportedly being lined up to play X-Men character Emma Frost – aka the White Queen – in an upcoming movie.

The ‘Stupid Love’ singer has made a few successful steps into the world of acting in the past, winning a Golden Globe for American Horror Story: Hotel, as well as a Best Actress Oscar nomination for A Star Is Born.

Now, according to We Got This Covered, Marvel is keen to have her appear as Frost when X-Men moves to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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