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'Star Wars': Mark Hamill thanks fans for their continued support in heartfelt letter

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Mark Hamill has penned a heartfelt letter to Star Wars fans thanking them for their continued support – read it in full below.

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The actor who played Luke Skywalker in six of the nine movies in the popular sci-fi franchise shared the thank-you letter on his social media accounts on Friday (April 3), prefacing it with the caption: “A few thoughts as one era ends and another begins…”

“What an extraordinary journey it’s been,” Hamill’s letter begins, before noting when he was testing for his role in A New Hope in 1976, along with Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher, there was “no way we could have known what an incredibly rich and imaginative set of adventures this obscure little space movie would launch, inspire eight more chapters to tell the entire Skywalker story.”

Hamill, who played the Jedi for the final time in 2019’s Rise of Skywalker, said he was thankful for all Star Wars fans, whether they have been with the franchise since the very beginning or just discovered it recently.

“As Carrie once said, Star Wars is about family, and that is what we all have become – one giant community that shares the experience of these stories and the fundamental value they instill in us,” he wrote.

He added: “I am deeply thankful for all your continued enthusiasm and dedication to George’s faraway galaxy, which will continue to grow with new storytellers building an even bigger gallery, filled with heroes, villains, action, romance, and, of course, The Force.”

Read Hamill’s letter below:

Last week, it was revealed that a new Star Wars series based on Rogue One character Cassian Andor, featuring some unused creatures from the franchise’s big budget movie releases, is on its way.

While British fans are currently busy getting stuck into The Mandalorian after Disney+ launched in the UK earlier this week, practical effects expert Neal Scanlan is looking forward to working on the early espionage adventures of Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor.

Meanwhile, Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick shared the original script for the movie on social media, which revealed Bill Murray’s cameo in the 2009 movie was originally written for Mark Hamill.

Wernick tweeted that their first choice was Patrick Swayze, followed by Sylvester Stallone, and then Mark Hamill. The team hadn’t considered Murray because “We would have never in our wildest imagination thought we could get him.”

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