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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are "in it for the long term" with Wrexham AFC

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are “in it for the long term” with their imminent takeover of Wrexham AFC, according to one of the pair’s advisers.

The Deadpool star and the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator and actor are expected to formally take control of the National League football side next week after their takeover bid was approved last month.

Speaking about the takeover in a new interview, former Liverpool FC chief executive Peter Moore – who is acting as an informal adviser at Wrexham – affirmed that the acting duo are serious about their “authentic and genuine” commitment to Wrexham.

“This is not a dalliance,” Moore told BBC Sport Wales. “It’s not a case that if doesn’t work they’ll pull out. They recognise that going in is making a commitment to a community, not just to a football club.”

Reynolds and McElhenney are reportedly planning to inject £2 million into the club in a bid to one day turn Wrexham into “a global force”.

“I asked that question: ‘Look, you’re about to enter the world of football and everything that comes with, it warts and all’,” Moore continued. “The highs of victories and the town celebrating on a Saturday night with you. The lows and the abuse you will get if the team under performs… and the pitchforks are out.

“They’re very savvy social media participants, they’ve got tens of millions of followers between them, so I think they understand that this will come with highs and lows, but they’re certainly in it for the long term.”

Moore also revealed that McElhenney was initially spurred into the prospect of football ownership by watching the Netflix documentary Sunderland ‘Til I Die, which apparently brought him to tears.

“He started to think about that and talked to Ryan about how can they – people who have been very fortunate in their lives – give back and football, soccer seems to be the way that they could do it,” Moore said. “And lo and behold, they discover Wrexham.”

Filming has already begun on a documentary about Reynolds and McElhenney’s Wrexham takeover.

Moore added that Reynolds and McElhenney “have done a lot of research, not only on the football club, but on north Wales in general” and said: “Ryan and Rob are very engaged – we have email threads going on WhatsApp groups going; it’s not like they’re absentee owners in any shape, form or fashion.”

Last month, McElhenney donated £6,000 to a Wrexham fan with cerebral palsy to help him adapt his home to help with his disability.

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