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Odeon make full screens available to rent for gaming parties

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Odeon are offering gamers the opportunity to play their favourite games on the big screen.

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The UK-based cinema chain took to social media to announce a new service known as Big Screen Gaming.

After numerous films have been postponed or moved to streaming services due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company has been forced to think outside the box, and their latest offering will allow gamers the opportunity to rent out a screen to play out their most beloved titles.

Interested parties are advised to email the company directly for a quote and are offering a 10% discount for those who wish to make a booking. No pricing details have been mentioned, however, the company can be seen in numerous responses confirming that quotes begin from £100.

Check out the full announcement below:

YouTube star PewDiePie was spotted taking advantage of the new scheme on his Instagram page, where the since removed story showed the popular figure using one of Odeon’s big screens to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The on-going coronavirus pandemic has placed pressure on cinema chains around the world with Odeon being one of many affected. The company recently reduced the operating hours at a quarter of its cinemas across its 120 venues within the UK and Ireland, which will now only open from Thursday till Sunday as a weekend-only model.

Structural changes within the company were also recently announced to be taking place, after it was forced to respond to claims by the Odeon Workers Union that all salaried members of staff in customer facing roles are to be made redundant. The company said that the changes are expected “to have an impact on some roles” moving forward.

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