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Nicolas Cage tells Marilyn Manson he made $20,000 gambling and gave it to charity

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Nicolas Cage has told Marilyn Manson in a new interview about the time he made $20,000 gambling before giving it to charity.

The actor opened up to the musician, who he has been friends with for years, in a new feature for Interview magazine in which the pair reflected on Cage’s life and career.

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Manson asked Cage about his gambling habits, considering the actor currently lives in Las Vegas.

“The last time I gambled was about 30 years ago,” Cage replied. “I was in the Bahamas, and I walked into a casino and felt like I had my mojo with me, like nothing could go wrong.”

He went on to explain: “My game was roulette. I went in with $200, and I didn’t miss a number, so much so that even the lady spinning the wheel said, ‘Nothing sweeter than a repeater.’

“In 20 minutes I turned $200 into $20,000, so I went and found an orphanage in the Bahamas, met all the kids and the headmistress, and said, ‘This is for you.’ I put the 20 grand in her hand, walked away, and never gambled again, because if I did, it would ruin the power of that moment.”

Earlier this year, Nicolas Cage reflected on his career to date in a Reel Talk interview with NME, acknowledging how nostalgia might play a big part in fans supporting his career.

“There seems to be something happening on the Internet with people who have followed my career,” Cage began. “Some of the movies are returning in a way that I think is making them more interesting, which I’m thankful for.

“It’s truly something that I see as good news. But I’m not nostalgic about my early work and I’m always trying to feel where I can go and how I can go forward.”

Cage will next be starring in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, playing a version of himself.

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