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'Love And Leashes': Girls' Generation's Seohyun dominates in steamy new trailer

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Netflix has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming South Korean romantic-comedy film, Love And Leashes. 

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The trailer opens with Jung Ji-hoo (played by former U-KISS and UNB member Lee Jun-young) on his first day at a new company, where he’s introduced to a colleague who bears a similar sounding name to his, Jung Ji-woo (Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun).

Things quickly spiral after a parcel that was supposedly addressed to Ji-hoo gets delivered to Ji-woo’s desk, who opens it to find a curious spiked collar. Ji-hoo tries to play off as being for his fictional three-year-old poodle, but Ji-woo quickly learns the truth.

“Ji-woo, I was wondering… would you be my master?” Ji-hoo asks Ji-woo in a drunken stupor, marking the start of a racy new relationship between the two colleagues.

The upcoming Netflix original film Love And Leashes revolves around a pair of co-workers, Ji-woo and Ji-hoo, who enter a contractual S&M relationship. Love And Leashes is based on the Naver webcomic Moral Sense by Gyeowool.

The movie will be directed and written by Park Hyeon-jin, and is due out on February 11 exclusively on the streaming platform.

In other news, South Korean actors Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee have been confirmed as the leads for an upcoming thriller K-drama series titled Gyeongsang Creature, which will also star Squid Game actor Wi Ha-joon.

Netflix also recently shared its plans to continue investing heavily in Korean content for the rest of the year. “All our rivals are aggressively investing in the Korean market and we will also keep pace with them,” said Netflix Korea’s Vice President of Content, Don Kang.

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