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Justice League's Ray Fisher accuses Joss Whedon of "abusive" behaviour

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Justice League star Ray Fisher has accused director Joss Whedon of “gross” and “abusive” behaviour on set in 2017.

The actor took to Twitter yesterday (July 1) to make his claim that Whedon acted in an unprofessional manner, bolstered by producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

“Joss Wheadon’s on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable. He was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Accountability>Entertainment,” the tweet read.

Whedon took over Justice League to oversee post-production and reshoots in May 2017 after Snyder left the project for family reasons.

Fisher’s accusations come just days after he shared a video of himself at a Comic-Con event in 2017 in which he is seen praising the director and telling the audience: “Joss is a great guy and Zack [Snyder] picked a great person to come clean up and finish up for him.”

But Fisher captioned the clip this week: “I’d like to take a moment to forcefully retract every bit of this statement.”

Whedon is yet to respond to Fisher’s accusations, likewise the producers. NME has reached out to Whedon’s representatives for comment.

Last month, Fisher praised Snyder for “empowering” him. “I don’t praise Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder for simply putting me in Justice League.

“I praise them for EMPOWERING me (a Black man with no film credits to his name) with a seat at the creative table and input on the framing of the Stones before there was even a script!”

In related news, HBO Max has confirmed it will release the Snyder cut of Justice League in 2021 after heavy campaigning from stars and fans over the last couple of years.

The alternative version of the film will include supervillain Darkseid – watch a snippet of the character in action here.

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