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Britney Spears criticises new conservatorship documentary: “A lot of what you heard is not true”

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Britney Spears has spoken out against a new documentary that delves into the details of her conservatorship.

The singer took to Instagram to protest against the film, though she has since deleted the message.

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“It’s really crazy guys … I watched a little bit of the last documentary and I hate to inform you but a lot of what you heard is not true !!! I really try to disassociate myself from the drama,” she wrote, as reported by Decider.

There are several documentaries on the singer’s situation currently surfacing, though it is likely that her comments are in regards to the New York Times Presents franchise’s Framing Britney Spears follow-up Controlling Britney Spears, which premiered last Friday (September 24) on FX and Hulu in the US.

Spears had also taken issue with the previous documentary from the series, Framing Britney Spears, which aired in February.

Controlling Britney Spears
‘Controlling Britney Spears’ is streaming now (Picture: Sky / Press)

“I didn’t watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in,” she wrote on Instagram. “I cried for two weeks and well … I still cry sometimes !!!!”

In relation to Controlling Britney Spears, the singer listed three issues that she held against the documentary.

“Number one … that’s the past !!!” she wrote. “Number two … can the dialogue get any classier… Number three … wow they used the most beautiful footage of me in the world !!! What can I say .. the EFFORT on their part.”

Another documentary, Britney vs Spears, launched on Netflix this week. The film has also come under fire and received negative reviews, with The Guardian labelling it “schlocky, trashy and deeply uncomfortable”.

Elsewhere, the singer’s legal team have responded to the claims made in Controlling Britney Spears that the performer was allegedly under strict surveillance by her father through her conservatorship.

“Mr Spears has crossed unfathomable lines,” the filing, made on Monday (September 27), reads, per The Guardian.

“While they are not evidence, the allegations warrant serious investigation, certainly by Ms Spears as, among other things, California is a ‘two-party’ consent state.”

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