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Arrowverse boss to write new Spider-Man universe movie about Jackpot

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Marc Guggenheim, boss of the Arrowverse media franchise, is set to write a new film based on the Marvel comic book character Jackpot.

The character, who will be the focus of a new film of the same name, appeared in a number of Amazing Spider-Man comics and had her own spin-off mini-series.

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Jackpot has exceptional strength, and was first introduced as a scientist who developed superhuman strength after contracting a virus called Lot 777, which reconfigured her DNA.

According to Deadline, Guggenheim will write the script for Jackpot for Sony, bringing the story into the Spider-Man Universe.

The first Jackpot-centred spin-off, The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot, came out in 2010 and was written by Guggenheim himself.


A movie about Jackpot has been teased since 2018, but there are no concrete details yet about which version of Jackpot the new film will focus on, or any further information on the upcoming project.

As well as penning a number of Amazing-Spider-Man comics, Guggenheim has also written the likes of Aquaman and Superman/Batman, as well as on TV shows Law & Order and CSI: Miami.

Guggenheim is also set to make his directorial debut on the DC Extended Universe film Legends of Tomorrow.

A new Jackpot comic, Spider-Man: Jackpot, was released in 2016, and collated all of Guggenheim’s spin-off comics about the character.

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