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Dirty Harry Follows-Up On “Blue Face” And “Sleepless Nights” With New Single “Shake Back”

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Florida-based Hip-Hop artist Dirty Harry returns to the game with a new single, after the major success he got with his previous releases, “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights.” A rapper in touch with the daily reality of the American workers and those who struggle to make ends meet, Dirty Harry is flamboyant in his poetry and sound as opposed to most of his peers who display their lavish lifestyles in every song they drop. His extensive experience has brought him a solid reputation and Florida, and by popular demand, he is now expanding his reach and working on making his truly special flow get national and global recognition. Dirty Harry has been featured in the biggest Hip-Hop outlets, and the ambition artist is surely not going to stop impressing the crowds anytime soon. 

Check out “Shake Back” below:

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