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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. This edition comes from former AWOLNATION bassist and now solo artist Dave Amezcua aka ZIMINY:

Growing up my dad was an anchorman on the morning news in Los Angeles. So I was hardwired to watch the news from a young age. This is the first time in my life I have flipped off the TV and directed all my focus on my family and music. I needed a solid playlist to pull me through the last two months of uncertainty and heartache with this pandemic. This one has definitely done the trick.

ELO – “Mr. Blue Sky”
What better way to start a playlist off than with Mr. Blue Sky. Jeff Lynn is a genius, and this song is living proof.

Under the Influence of Giants – “Got Nothing”
My old band from another time and place. I always loved playing this song live, and really enjoyed tracking it in the studio. Nothing but good memories when I hear it.

Chicago – “Only You”
Bill Champlin’s voice on this song KILLS ME. So good! And this is 80’s Pop/RB perfected. Ps, David Foster is one funky Moog bass player.

ZIMINY – “She (Zoey Deutch)”
This is my debut single so it begs the question, why on earth would I leave this off my own quarantine playlist? I wanted to write a little love song that throws back to that 80’s pop/surf/R&B feel with a little modern zing to it. Listen and share! Also, the song really has nothing to do with Zoey Deutch, she just happened to be my perfect muse.

Paul McCartney – “Heaven on a Sunday”
Obviously Paul has about a million songs to choose from, but this one, in particular, is just a really amazing song. It’s so straightforward. He’s the king of keeping it simple, yet crush with heavy lyrics and gorgeous melodies. And another nod to Jeff Lynne who produced this.

Tyler Glenn – “Devil”
I toured with Neon Trees back in 2012, and I immediately fell in love with their music along with Tyler’s shredding voice. This song really resonates with me because like Tyler, I grew up Mormon and can relate to the song’s conversation. If you’re wondering, I left that church a long, long time ago. Also, this song is catchy AF.

Steely Dan – “Black Cow”
What better way to pick yourself up than with a song that has Chuck Rainey on the bass? This song goes down smoothly and never disappoints.

Toto – “Hydra”
And speaking of! If I could just rename my group ToTo and play all their songs, I would. I even have a Toto tattoo on my forearm. There are too many songs to choose from, but this track has everything I need. A solid drum groove, piano/synth parts, the best vocal tricks and a few guitar licks. You’re welcome world.

MGMT – “The Youth”
I was a bit obsessed with this record when it came out. I love how this song does a reverse modulation for the last chorus. Typically, choruses modulate up, not down. This one goes down. Not an easy task to accomplish. I wonder if they did this by accident?

Queen – “Killer Queen”
“Killer Queen” is like Queen perfected. You have all the elements of what you love about Queen smashed into one delicious song. I actually just wrote an upcoming song based off this groove. If you haven’t heard this song yet, then press play now.

The Sounds – “Tony the Beat”
Back in the day (when we could play shows) I toured with these guys and gal all over Europe, and they told me countless times that I WAS Tony the Beat. I took it as the utmost compliment and wear this song like a badge of honor.

The Beach Boys – “God Only Knows”
God only knows what I’d be without Brian Wilson. This song is arguably one of the most intricate pieces of music with some of the greatest melodies, period. Some of my favorite chords I like to play and write with came from old Beach Boy songs I learned when I was a kid.

Fitness – “Dirty Work”
This next song comes from a great buddy and ex-Awol band member Kenny Carkeet’s group Fitness. It’s a cool little tune called Dirty Work. I was fortunate enough to play the live bass on this track.

AWOLNATION – “Knights of Shame”
I had the tremendously good fortune of recording and touring this record on bass. This track is an OPUS. A 13-minute journey we’d end every show with on that three-year tour. I loved tracking bass on this song as well. Nothing like not really being prepped and then walking into the studio to them saying “Okay, this is a 13-minute song, have at it!” I did my best and it’s all there to listen to.

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