Remo Drive's 'Music to Social Distance to' Playlist

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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Remo Drive:

This year has turned out to be pretty strange – and when things get weird, we like to escape into our favorite movies, TV, books, and music. Stephen and I have each picked a couple of songs that have been keeping us company while we shelter in place. Hopefully, they do the same for you!

Erik’s Picks

“World of Pain” – Cream
I’ve had this record in my rotation for the past couple of months. I love the way Cream’s songs warp, contort, bubble, and bloom. Those words mean nothing, but if you listen, you might understand what I’m trying to say.

“A New Career in a New Town” – David Bowie
This song feels both melancholic and uplifting to me. I love music that evokes complex emotions. Can’t go wrong with Bowie.

“She Ain’t Speakin’ Now” – of Montreal
From what I understand, this song is written about being worried for your loved ones when they’re ill. I’ve been a fan of this record since it’s release and recently bought a physical copy at one of their shows. This track, in particular, has always been a favorite of mine. I admire Kevin Barnes very much. He has covered so much musical ground throughout of Montreal’s discography and he continues to explore with fearless curiosity.

“Strange Days” – The Doors
Strange Days have found us, indeed. This record is a world within itself.

“Medication” – Queens of the Stone Age
I’m no doctor, but if I were, I would recommend this medication to all of my patients. QOTSA are a band I really admire. I would write more but I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Stephen’s Picks

“On the Floor” – Perfume Genius
I’ve had this song on repeat since it came out a couple of weeks ago. This track has so much groove to it and also escapes to these really ethereal and beautiful moments that just make you feel good. Also, the guitar work on this song blows my mind every single listen.

“Attaboy” – Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile
This is a song I always go back to. It brings a lot of comfort, is calming, and uplifting for me as well. It has always been cool to me how well the four instruments work together to create a song that’s so emotional and powerful without any lyrics. A really cool collaborative song and album to check out.

“Turnin on the Screw” – Queens of the Stone Age
Big fan of Queens of the Stone Age. This song is an amazing opener on Era Vulgaris and in the mornings when I’m getting ready I play this to get in my rhythm for the day. There is just something about the song that sparks that for me.

“What’s the Use?” – Mac Miller
I’ve never listened to Mac Miller before, but when I was on Youtube watching videos for a bass I was looking at buying there was someone who did a cover or loop thing of this song and I was blown away by the bass line of this song and the song is great too.

“Congratulations” – MGMT
At the start of the new year and decade, I’ve been going back to records that came out a decade ago when I really started getting more into music and playing music and listening to it with a more mature ear. This album has been really cool to revisit, and this song has really stood out to me. Really great lyrics and instrumentation.

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