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Priceless Scott Exposes Her Innate Talent On New EP Pressure Makes Diamonds

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Florida’s star-in-the-making Priceless Scott has been one of the most sought after female rappers from the state in recent years, but today, she has decided to take it one level higher. She recently dropped her latest collection of tracks, the EP Pressure Makes Diamonds. She is not entering the game just to participate; it is clear from every verse, note, track, and music video she has dropped so far that she is here to engrave spirits and leave her mark everywhere she passes. 

Her style is unique, effortless, and infinitely powerful in the resonance it’s been having with the fans, as her audience grew exponentially in the past few months. She has also announced a second music video for one of the tracks listed on the EP, so stay tuned!

Check out her new EP Pressure Makes Diamonds:

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