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Prepare Your Souls For A New Electro Storm As Seekay Reveals His New Collaboration With Chloe Called “Wiser”

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When Seekay reveals a new collaboration, you can expect something special, something unpredictable, and something that will stay with you for long and maybe even influences your perception of many things, including life itself. His previous releases prove that the London-based Australian producer has a type of creative mind you do not encounter so often. Each of his releases is filled with spirituality and chill-out, low key yet quite atmospheric vibe, able to make explosions in your soul in one minute and calm you till your bones in another. “Hold” and “Fall,” both released earlier this year, were absolute booms for electro-pop loving audiences. People could not get enough of Seekay’s music, but his most recent release called “Wiser,”  an other collaboration with Chloe is, uh, such another story. 

Keeping his unique signature sound prominent and vivid, the artist has blessed “Wiser” with even deeper sounds, and Chloe’s impressive, cool vocals mix perfectly with the groovy tone of the edgy release. The track represents the artist as a wiser and mysterious creator of cosmic beauty, as the sound choices he made are perfect to put into words. His melodies are so otherworldly that sometimes it seems like he has contact with higher powers. His music has a touch of cosmic dust, making it irresistible. 

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