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Nanoviola and Ken Bauer team up to present their latest collaboration, a Mainstage track titled ‘Concentrated’, through Bauer’s label Future Rave Music. The talented artists mix their skills and sound in this new production, delivering an unmissable track for fans of the Future Rave and Techno genres. Nanoviola, known for her unique blend of Classical music and Electronic Dance music, that takes elements from Future Rave, Mainstage and Techno genres, to name some, is keeping up with her steady rise in the Electronic music world, presenting this new hard-hitting release alongside the Swedish production maestro. Ken Bauer, on the other hand, brings his experience and signature energetic and powerful sound that also blends elements from different genres, like Melodic Techno, Progressive House, and of course, Future Rave, to the table, having as a result a striking collaboration. 

In ‘Concentrated’ a hard-hitting beat and growling bass line starts the track, the energy of the track guides the listening experience through a fulfilling and intense adventure; the breakdown features a hypnotic violin melody and a powerful release through drum breaks and intense pads. The drop releases the energetic and growling bass and synth lines to take the track to the next level. An unmissable production that blends Ken Bauer and Nanoviola’s signature styles and sounds in a perfect match that brings the best of their own skills to the dancefloor, ready to start the party. 

This new release brings together two skillful artists and their powerful sounds, displaying their uniqueness and strength, delivering a driving and energetic listening experience for fans of Future Rave Music’s release catalog. Be sure to follow Nanoviola and Ken Bauer as they continue to rise to the top of the list of artists to follow. ‘Concentrated’ is out now via Future Rave Music and it’s available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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